Gamiyfing homework


Homework as a community-driven game

This project aimed to create a framework that takes regular homework away from the standard pen and paper style and incorporates it into a gaming environment. With this concept we hope to break the notion of homework being stressful and boring. We hope to inspire the children to search and thirst for knowledge not only when they are in a school environment but even in their spare time.

This project was a collaboration between me, Jesper Lundgren and Juntima Nawilaijaroen.




Corruption is a satirical board game concept that was created by me, Axel Pelling, Juntima Nawilaijaroen, Jesper Lundgren, Vasileios Golematis and Mylène Mengual.

The game concept is based upon world-wide economy and corruption. Each player takes the role of a ruthless investor with the goal to become the most successful businessman in history. They achieve this by buying resources, earning gold, managing their public relations(PR) and completing missions in order to get political influence. There are also action cards that provide bonuses and disadvantages. The game will be played on a real world map, where regions are marked and provide specific resources. Each resource will provide a different amount of gold but the high income resources also gives negative PR, so the players would have to think about specific strategic paths to follow.





Building on research in cognitive science and interaction design, FinAqua addresses the issues of privacy and environmental responsibility in an eco-feedback frame. Starting from the position that privacy is a luxury worth defending even in a more cramped future living, the possibilities of combining this privacy with an eco-feedback system is explored.

The final design concept is a shower that visualizes water usage for the user. To motivate behavioral change, emotional arguments rather than logical are used, as emotional arguments are less likely to initiate reasoning and contemplation in the user, and instead more likely push fast, visceral responses. A virtual aquarium full of fish is screened on the walls of the shower, and as water is consumed, the water level of the aquarium diminishes. The concept is explored in a high fidelity prototype.

FinAqua was a collaboration between me and Oliver Carlsson, Nanna Naumann, Isak Stråvik and Daniel Ström.

Graphic for tv-screen


Presentation poster