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  • Exploring interaction design opportunities for remote robotic services

  • Volvo On Schedule

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  • SJ from a UX perspective

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  • Augmented Shopping Info

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  • Aesthetics of Interaction

    Next project > < Previous project 04 Aesthetics of Interaction Your map is wonderful! Great argumentation and motivations, great design in terms of color choice and work with fonts, interesting approach, well-chosen and motivated categories, in all pretty damn brilliant Sus Lundgren Senior Lecturer & Director of Studies at Department of Applied IT, Chalmers and […]

  • Construction site branding

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  • Interactive library cubes

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  • Gamiyfing homework

    Next project > < Previous project 03 Homework as a community-driven game This project aimed to create a framework that takes regular homework away from the standard pen and paper style and incorporates it into a gaming environment. With this concept we hope to break the notion of homework being stressful and boring. We hope […]

  • Corruption

    Next project > < Previous project 02 Corruption Corruption is a satirical board game concept that was created by me, Axel Pelling, Juntima Nawilaijaroen, Jesper Lundgren, Vasileios Golematis and Mylène Mengual. The game concept is based upon world-wide economy and corruption. Each player takes the role of a ruthless investor with the goal to become […]

  • FinAqua

    01 FinAqua Building on research in cognitive science and interaction design, FinAqua addresses the issues of privacy and environmental responsibility in an eco-feedback frame. Starting from the position that privacy is a luxury worth defending even in a more cramped future living, the possibilities of combining this privacy with an eco-feedback system is explored. The […]