Updated tech policy
I lobbied for an updated tech policy to allow for mac computers. Being able to use mac made the UX-designers faster in their work given that a majority of design software tools are optimized for the mac environment. It also helped us be more competitive when we started recruiting more designers.

Collaborative tools
As I started during the pandemic and everyone where working from home, I saw a clear need of using tools that would help with teamwork. I introduced new tools to speed up collaboration: Figma & Miro. Some months after the introduction, they became the widely used across the company.

Component library and design guidelines
Together with our UX-designers and a couple of passionate frontend developers, I kickstarted the initiative of building a component library. This sped up our design processes as we could focus on building solutions and flows, rather than spending time on decidings the specifics of each UI element.

Visualizing our current customer experience
Customer journey mapping the current experiences using our products. Together with project managers, product owners and representatives from services, I created a collaborative excel file where we together started filling in the different stages in our current customer experience. This map served as a baseline to visualize the reality