Volvo Car Retail Solutions

Increasing user centricity by field research

At Volvo Car Retail Solutions (VCRS), I did a lot of varied UX-work to help the organization become more user centric. My deliverables ranged from high level presentations to detailed mockups and customers journeys. The biggest impact I made was to show the development teams how valuable field research is. When developers got empathy for the users, they seemed to care more and find work more fun.

A series of concept storyboards that visualises future customer journeys.
A detail of a paper mockup of showing the first screen to a car service booking.

Visualising opportunities in customer journeys

Sometimes it’s important to visualize the whole customer journey for the different personas or customer types you have to get good discussions with your team. I therefore translated a lot of insights I got from field studies in a visual customer journey. The pictures made it easier to spot current pain points, what works well and what opportunities there are.

Kickstarting research by a team competition

VCRS had for many years worked using traditional waterfall methods and were not used to involve the users in their work. To kickstart the user centricity, I got support from management to run a field research competition where each team got points for the number of hours they spent doing research with the users.

A poster for field research